Setting down is thailand may be the best choice you can make. Being a member will allow us to help you right decision and assidt you get the proper documentation done so that you can stop worrying about the maze that comes with sucha a major step. membership benefits include advice and assistance when dealing with goveronment agencies espocially while navigation thrugh the immigration department and its many formalities. We also provide exclusive benefits in restaurants, hotels, spas, hospitals and others establishment. Whle our 24 hour call center will alwaye be your service whenever you need support in any matter, and to ensure that your stay in thailand will be delightfully productive


The Privileges of Membership

*Privilege Entry Visa
-Renewable 5 year multiple entry visa with extendable 1 year length of saty per entry
*Arrival and Departure
-VIP greeting and escord on arrival and departure by Elite personal Assistant
-Expending immigration formalitices and passport control process
-Exclusive arrival and departure lougers
-90 day Report, Immigration Service, Business Networking. Expedite Driver’s license and Expendite $ a Assist when opening bank account
Other Benefits
-Benefits and Special Discount at all king Power Duty Free branches, Golf Count, Spas , Hospitals, Hotels, Dining Establishments and leading Departmet Stores
Member Contact Center
–English 24-hours service
- Korear,Mandarin,japanese 6:00 an – 9:00pm .Bangkok’s standard time (GMT+7)
The company reserves the right to change the above limitation of usager from time to time at tis sole discretion.
Membership Validity
20 years
Membership Fee
THB 1,000,000(VAT Included)
Themembership of Thailand Elie Card and qualifications of the Application Member are Subject to approval by Thailand Privilege Card Company limited
For general inquiries relating to Thailand Elite Membership, Please contact E-mail : Tel. +66 (0) 904017468 or